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Inspiring Voices, Making Change

By Elisa Hofmeister

Theater Performance

As we've been soliciting stories for our first production of The Manic Monologues, I've been reflecting a lot about what our core mission really means to me, and what I hope it will mean to others.
Not only do I think about our audience members these days, I think about all our potential contributors. What is the process like, the day they decide to share their story? Are they nervous? Is it cathartic? What motivated them to open up, and to offer their experiences for the world to learn from? 


Zack and I started out on this journey aiming to spark conversations about mental health. But, now that we're starting to receive story after story from our amazing contributors, I think my idea of our mission has begun to expand even more.

We wanted to provide our audience with examples of life with a diagnosis that didn't match their stereotypes. We wanted them to walk away from our show questioning what it really meant to deal with a mental health disorder in day-to-day life. We hoped that these questions would build and build, leading them to reach out to peers, family members, people that they cared about. That our show would prompt them to start a dialogue with those around them-- telling people what they had learned  and breaking the silence of stigma. 


I still want our play to have this effect. 

I hope that our story 


Live Updates from the Production Team

By Elisa Hofmeister

Stage Curtains

January 25, 2019

Today we counted the number of submissions we've received since our public Facebook announcement just over 2 weeks ago-- over 25 people have written in with stories! We are floored by the outpouring of support and enthusiasm for this production.  


As we move forward with our script building, we've started to categorize stories by their style and thematic content. The level of depth and reflection contained within these submissions is truly remarkable. This production team is very lucky and very happy to be working with such powerful raw material!